Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Of My Postcards

OK, I finally got most all of my postcards finished.  I am pleased with how these have turned out.  I decided to go with a completely "off the top of my head" style of making these cards.  I had a little help from some beautiful Travel and Leisure magazines.  I just flipped through until I saw a quote or a title or something that just caught my eye.  From there, I just ran with it!  I will be sending mine out on Friday.  Still not telling who or when they are going, except for they will be going to places all around the world!!!!!  I will post the other three tomorrow night.  The first two are posted here again, but one if them I decided to add something to it for a little more pop of color.  Let me know what you think about them.  Comments are always appreciated.


  1. So nice! I love these delicate colors! I saw them on Flickr and like them even more here together.

  2. Thank you! My first go at making collage art. Different, but I think I like it. You can totally spontaneous and random and it turns out so fun! I am going to be making a lot more. If you would like one and don't get one, you can email me at theunderscoreroaddummyunderscore1atsbcglobaldotnet. I would be more than happy to send one to you! I always like meeting new people!

  3. You made some beautiful cars, playing around doing something new is always fun.


  4. These are pretty and look like they were fun to do! I definitely want one. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

    1. Sherry if you email me, I will be more than happy to send you some cards. I will send you a set if the ones I just made. They are trifold cards with lots of great papers! Email me at the_roaddummy_1atsbcglobaldotnet.

  5. I am one of the lucky recipients, and the card is even more beautiful in person. Thank you for such a lovely card. And it was a great introduction to this creativity blog which I am enjoying immensely.

    Your fellow paper crafter,
    Amy in PA