Friday, March 30, 2012

Friendship Friday

Friendship is something we all cherish.  Our friends may be next door to us, or half a world away from us.  Wherever your friends are, it doesn't matter.  They will always be close to your heart.  And friends are something that we can never have too many of.  So, when I saw the Friendship Friday post at Create With Joy, I thought to myself that it was a great idea.  I always love meeting new people and making new friends, especiallyin the blog wor.  Where else can you look through your friend's windows to see what they are doing without ever leaving the comfort of your own home????  Today's question was what do you like to do when it is raining?  Well, I am not sure.  I love to do a lot of things.  Shopping, scrapbooking, creating something, and playing with my frogs.  Frogs you say?  You have frogs?  Aren't they slimy?  Aren't they gross?  Why would anyone want to have pet frogs?  Well, about a year ago when we had some really bad floods, my youngest son found an ordinary everyday green tree frog.  Since he has an autism disorder, he can't let anything go.  So we kept him.  We had the perfect aquarium set up that we could put him in.  So we made him a little home.  Well, over the past year we have had several frogs.  A few of them have gone on to the big toadstool in the sky.  Right now we have 5 frogs.  We still have the original green tree frog from almost a year ago.  We also have a little fat brown tree frog.  And we have three frogs that are called a dumpy frog.  We bought the dumpies at the pet store.  One thing that is so cool about them is the fact that you can hold them and they won't jump away.  In fact, if you have a warm spot you can ket them sleep in, they will let you hold them for a really long time.
So, with the history of why we have vrogs, I thought I would introduce you to the ones that I have pictures of right now.


  1. Happy Friendship Friday to you Melanie! Kudos for the most original post I have seen yet! My first reaction to the thought of frogs was to shudder a tad, but when I learned the story behind them, I was touched. I think it is so cool that your son has bonded with them!

    Have a wonderful weekend & I look forward to seeing you for Inspire Me Monday!


    Create With Joy

  2. That's a nice story about the frogs.

    I just saw a frog (kinda a big one) a couple days ago when we walked this creek trail. I used to have a couple of swimming frogs in my aquarium and I liked watching them go up and down - they looked so graceful, but that was as far as I've gone with frogs. From looking at one of your photos - that's cool that different kinds can live in the same space.

    Happy Friendship Friday!

    I'm now a new Google Connect Friend.

    Yona from Yona Writes