Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Page for My Art Journal

I feel like I have several projects going on right now.  I found these really cute top bound note pads.  The pages are all blank and they come in a variety of sizes.  Best of all, you can find them on the bargain shelf at Barnes And Noble and Books-A-Million.  I know they are nothing fancy right now, but I am working my way up to better stuff!  Anyway, I really like them because they are hard bound and have a lot of pages.  Best of all the pages are blank and none of them are over $10 (and that is for the biggest one which is, I think, 8-1/2 x 11).  I told you that to get to my point.  These last couple of weeks have been very hard for me.  I am struggling with where I am at in life and where I need to be going.  My heart tells me I need to go in one direction and my mind tells me to go in another direction.  Being at that kind of crossroads in life is not very fun at all.  I have wanted to start putting my feelings down on paper, but just not sure what to say.  I am not a good writer.  Tonight, I was looking on the net for some inspiration from other art journal artists.  One page that caught my eye was one where the person had drawn this curly and naked tree with what appeared to be either a moon or a sun behind it.  I have drawn trees like that before so I knew that was something that I could do.  I started out by drawing the tree.  Then I penciled in my moon with watercolor pencil.  I then painted the tree black to look like a shadow.  Then I colored in the night sky with my watercolor pencils.  I then added some grass, in darker greens to look like night.  There it was, a nice looking page that I knew I wasn't finished with, but did not know what else to do with it.  So I made some cinnamon toast for my daughter and played with her before she went to bed.  Then it hit me.  The tree was sitting there all a line in the middle of the moonlight all naked without any leaves on it at all.  Then my journaling inspiration came.  I pulled out the light beige paint and proceeded ti write out my thoughts for this point in my life.  And I got the following picture.  I know the journaling is somewhat hard to read here, but that was part of the idea.  The journaling reads:  "Sometimes I feel like this tree.  Completely naked and vulnerable and in the big spotlight for all to see my hidden imperfections."  I messed up on the spelling of imperfections, so I covered over it with the beige paint and wrote imperfections in black.  Kind of the idea that in the spotlight everyone does see your imperfections.  Anyway, here it is for all to see.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it. 

~hugs, mel

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