Friday, May 20, 2011

Be Bold and Live Life!!!

I had the chance once again to work with a kit from Designs By Krista.  Let me just say that this is the perfect kit for your masculine pages!!!  But on the flip side, the flowers add just the right feminine touch!!!  The patterned papers in this kit are bod and wonderful!!!  I had these pictures of my kids playing in the fountain at one of our local parks.  They were living life to the fullest that day!!!

You can pick this kit up in her store.  Here is the preview for Be Bold.  Click on the preview to go to the store!

I am working on some other new things and will post as soon as I can!!!  You won't want to miss it!!!

~hugs, mel

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snagged a Wonderful Freebie and a New Kit Coming From Butterfly Dsigns!!!

I am catching up on some scrapping this morning before I go to bed for the day!!!  Working nights is killing me, but it is paying the bills!!!  So, I am not going to complain too much!!  I was looking at some of the shops that Butterfly Dsigns sells in and found this great freebie kit today.  I am so excited because it is a beach themed kit.  Not only will it work for our Florida vacation pictures, it will also work very well for our Vacation Bible School theme!!!  You can grab it at Boutique.  This is one of my favorite stores!!!  You can click the preview to take you to the store.

These are some of my favorite beach colors!!!!  Makes me wish we were already on the beach now!!!

Next, I am working with a new kit from Butterfly Dsign.  You can find her work at the same store where I snagged the great freebie.  She is an amazing designer!!  Her new kit is something that will be really great for boys, especially teen boys.  It has a grunge feel to it with some industrial touches to it!!!  The elements and the papers are really great!!!  I have to admit that it was a little outside of my normal box, but I embraced the change went for it!!!  I will post a preview of the kit and the page I made using the kit once it hits the stores!!!!  All I can say is that those of you with teen boys, you will definitely want to snag this one!!!!  For now, I must go to bed before I end up falling asleep here at my desk.  One more night of work then my 7 days off.  So, for my Friday---TGIF!!!!

~hugs, mel

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Freebie For You!!

I love taking pictures of flowers.  I took these pictures of the roses here.  I decided to extract them and make a photo rose and a "painted" rose.  They are free for you if you would like them.  I welcome any comments and suggestions.  I would also love to see what you do with them.  Thank you for downloading them!!!!

You should be able to click the preview to download.

~hugs, mel

New Kit--Birds of a Feather!

I am sitting here this morning catching up on some much needed scrap time!!!  I am using a new kit by Scrappy Cocoa called Birds of a Feather.  This is another one of those kits that has many different uses!!!  It is a great kit to use for family pictures, those "in love" pictures, or anything else you feel like scrapping!!!  Seeing how the pictures I used are from 2008, I am only 3 years behind in scrapping!!!  I have many of Ashley outside in the flowers.  She is a very outgoing little girl and has such a wonderful personality!!  When I saw this kit, I knew it was made for her!!!  Here is my page I have done with it so far:

The font is by Miss Tiina Fonts and is called Memory.  You can grab some great fonts from her and they are free!!!  Click on her name to go to her site.

Now, for a preview of the kit I used:

You can grab it at Digital Scrapbooking Studio for $4.00 right now.  As you can see, there are a lot of fun and vintage elements that makes this a great kit for anything family!!!  Click on preview to go to her store!!!  Thank you for looking and hope you are enjoying your spring so far!!!!

~hugs, mel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's A Great Summer Day!!!

I am really loving these one kit calls!!!  I love promoting the new kits from various digital designers but without having to commit over a long period of time!!!  I have a hard time with that!!!  The most recent kit I have been able to play with is called Summer Day.  It is a great summer themed kit.  I especially love the colors in this one!!!  It goes with so much.  The little summer elements are so cute!!  I can't wait until summer comes, now!!!  So, not to keep you all waiting any longer, here is my reveal for this kit!

The top picture is of my little girl and one of her cousins.  The bottom picture is of my son.  Ashley and Justin are twins!  We went to Indiana last summer to visit some family and these pictures were taken at our "family day" at one of the parks there in Auburn, IN.

Here is the kit.  Click on the image to take you to the store where you can purchase it!

Thank you so much to Ellie Lash and Sunny Day Scraps for this collab and the opportunity to get to use it and show it off for you!!  Stop by the store at Sunflower Scraps Boutique to pick up this fun kit for all your summer pictures!!!

~hugs, mel

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am back with another digi scrapping kit that I was able to play with.  I do some photography in my spare time.  I don't have a fancy camera, but I do want one!!!  I love taking pictures in the spring and summer.  The flowers are one of my favorite things to take pictures of.  I took these pictures a couple of years ago outside of our state capital.  They have a beautiful rose garden with roses of many different colors.  When I saw this kit that was mostly black and white, I thought about the flowers I had taken pictures of a few years ago.  I really like how the color of the flowers brings you to the pictures.  Overall, this is a wonderful kit to use, especially if you are really into taking pictures of everything!!!  A big thank you goes out to Designs By Krista.  She is a really great designer!!!

Click on the preview to go to her shop.

Here is the page I made using her Shoot kit.

~hugs, mel

Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Kit From Dancing Princess!!

I was sitting here today thinking I had forgotten to post my pages for a kit I have been working with.  I emailed the designer and realized that I had not forgotten and that today was the day she had released the kit!!  Whew!!!  I thought I had goofed up!!!  Anyway, the kit is called Rise Above and it is by Dancing Princess Designs.

You can click on the image to go to her store and purchase it!!  It is on sale right now for $3.59.  I highly recommend grabbing this kit while it is on sale!!!  You can use it for many different pages!!  It is a very versatile kit.  It also works very well for girl or boy pages!!!  So, what are you waiting for?????

Here are the first two pages I have made with this kit.  I used it to make a page about my climb up a mountain.  The next one is a page I made with my younger son eating pickles!  I love this kit!!!!!

Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas

Justin eating pickles

I hope everyone has lots of fun for national scrapbook day!!  Don't fill your hard drive up on too many freebies!!!

Hugs, Mel

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another One Kit Call and I Need A Boat!!!!

I am having fun with these one kit calls!!!  It is very hard for me to commit to anything long term as far as scrapping goes!!  So, I have started answering these calls for one kit!  I was lucky enough to get to work with this one.  It is by Designs by Krista and it is called Sassy.  You can find her kits here!!!  Be sure to stop by and pick up a few!!!  Since I only have one girl, and she makes up for it by being sassy like that, I thought this would be the perfect kit for her!!!  I used some pictures of her when we went to Dallas a few years ago.


Now, on the part where I need a boat!!  I live in Arkansas.  As most of you here in the states have seen, there is massive flooding going on currently.  Not only have tornadoes ripped through the south recently, now the rains have come.  So, those who have lost everything in the tornadoes are now in danger of being flooded!  It is very sad to see this happening.  I have many friends who are having to seek shelter elsewhere because of the flooding.  I knew it would be bad when they were predicting the rain, but never imagined it would be like this.  I work nights and could hear the rain and storms all night Saturday night.  I drove home Sunday morning as normal.  I got about 15 miles from where I live and had to turn around on the freeway.  I could not get to my house because the freeway had flooded in several areas before I could get to my exit.  So, I took a few back roads.  It seemed that every road I tried to turn down to get home was also flooded.  I finally ended up going about 20 miles out of my way just to find high enough ground to drive home.  I finally made it an hour and a half later!!  I saw a lot of flooded homes and people who probably lost everything they owned.  Very sad.  I prayed that God would see them through this time of need.  Everyone, please remember all of the people affected by not only the tornadoes, but now the flooding across the south east.  We need it!!  So, now if someone has a boat I can borrow, I can make it to work safely tonight!!

~hugs, mel