Thursday, March 22, 2012

Editing Spring Pictures

Spring is always a beautiful time of the year here in Arkansas.  There are so many places where I live that you can take beautiful pictures.  One of my favorite places is the Old Mill.  If you have ever seen Gone With the Wind, then you have seen the place I am talking about in the opening scenes.  We also have a very large park that has some perfect places to get some great pictures.  The flower photo is one I took and used two different apps on my tablet to touch it up.  I was mainly playing around to see what some of my apps do and deleting the ones I didn't like.  The picture of the kids in the bridge are my kids.  The two younger ones are twins.  This was taken at the park.  They have a really nice covered bridge that you can drive through and have a picnic or go fishing in the fishing hole.  In the covered bridge picture, I used a different app.  I think I used one called PicsArt.  Anyway, here are the two pictures for you to see.  I hope you like them.  Just to share a little secret, I still only use a point and shoot camera!

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