Monday, January 28, 2013

More Artist Trading Cards

I think I am addicted to making artist trading cards (ATC's).  I can't seem to get enough of them.  I have resorted to looking through Pinterest and Google images for new ideas.  I came across this one that was really nicely drawn with a sun on it. I loved the idea of the sun and the colors and so I decided to make my own version of the sun.  I really loved the colors and the lines.  While mine is not the original version, I did make it my own.  I am also working with an old vintage book that I acquired.  I really love it and would use it in everything if I could!!!!  I can't remember exactly where each of these are going, but they will all be getting new homes really soon.  Hope that you like these.  Let me know what you think!!!

~hugs, mel

Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Tangles

I started in a tangle this morning after seeing one called Phicops.  I was intrigued and searched for a tutorial on how to draw it.  All I could find was other drawings and posts about a challenge.  So, I sat here looking at it trying to figure it out.  It took me a few tries, but I think I did well for my first try.  I did this one completely freehand.  I did not use a string or draw out shapes to tangle in on this page.  I just kind of let my mind do what it wanted to do.  I still need some work on shading.  Yesterday, I forgot to list my patterns I used.  So, today, I am going to list the patterns that I used.  In this tangle, the patterns used are:  Phicops, vigne, swirly ribbon and concentric circles, onamato, hypknotix, changeling, and pipkins.  I know I may have left out a couple, but some of the ones that I used didn't have a name to them that I could find.  Hope you enjoy.

~hugs, mel

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Furby in the Cabinet and a Finished Tangle

I finally finished my tangle tonight.  I tried to work on my shading.  Still think it needs a lot of work.  Let me know what you think. 

My little girl bought her a Curvy with her Christmas money.  I am speechless!  That thing is crazy and there is NO on/off switch!  You have to feed it via app.  Then, if you touch it while it is asleep, it wakes up and won't shut up!  So, tonight, my husband found it a new sleeping spot.  He put it in the cabinet.  Goodnight Furby!  If you like some of the things I share, consider following!

~hugs, mel

More Zentangle Inspired Art

I started this tangle when I got in from work this morning.  I got in around 7am and it is already 10am.  Had to get the kids in the right direction for school, too!!!  Anyway, I have been adding to my Pocket a lot of Zentangles© and Zentangle© inspired art.  I seem to find it very peaceful to do and it seems to help me unwind when I get off work.  My Pocket is an app I use to download and/or save web content to view offline on my phone and my tablet.  I love it and it is so easy to use!!  Here is the one I started this morning.  The camera on my tablet is not as good as my phone, but I am not complaining.  I love my tablet!  As you can see, I have not finished it yet.  I will post when I do finish and include (to the best of my ability) the names of the tangles that I used in this piece.  Also, this is the first big one that I am working on where I used shading.  I think it looks better in this picture than actually looking at the piece itself.  As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.

~hugs, mel

Friday, January 11, 2013

Artist Trading Cards-What Am I Doing???

I decided to get out of the box in which I live.  I am trying my hand at artists trading cards, also known as ATC's.  Many people make them because they are small and easy to make.  It also allows you to trade them or given them to others who may like the work you do.  Don't get me wrong, I am in no way an artist.  There are people out there who are way more talented than I am.  But, some people say that art is all in how you look at it.  Sometimes I really like what I see, and other times others really like it more than I do!  So, I made these cute little Valentine themed cards.  The base in old book papers over lightweight card stock.  I use a lot of Mod Podge.  The stuff is great!!  After that, I glues a piece of tissue paper over the old book for texture and to make the next surface easier to work on.  After all that Mod Podge dried, I painted the pink heart.  I didn't want it to be perfect, so please don't think I missed some spots!!!  After that dried, I placed the little sayings in the front.  They are clippings from magazines I keep on hand when I need something witty to say.  I put another layer of Mod Podge over that.  Then I put the flower in the front.  I thought it would give it a nice touch since it is a Valentine's Day card.  I put the usual information on the back, made some handmade envelopes, and then I will be sending them on their way to a new home!!  One will be going to Houston, TX.  Another one will be going to My. Crawford, VA.  And the last one will make its way to Canada.  I hope the recipients love them as much as I do.  I know there are four but inky three leaving.  I am keeping one for myself.  I really like these little cards!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Letter B Zentangle Inspirrd Art and a Sick Baby

I seem to be somewhat catching on to this Zentangle inspired art stuff.  I think I am getting better at the actual drawing of them.  Now I just have to learn to shade some of them in the right spot.  I did this ATC of the letter B for a group I am trading with.  Yes the B is a little hidden, but look close and you will see it.  I did mess up a little bit so I think I am going to redo it before I send it to it's new home.

On another note, my baby (he is one of the twins and he is 7) is not feeling well today.  You know when he is not feeling well!  He is usually wound up tight, but this morning when I got home from work he was not.  All he could do was lay on the couch not saying a word.  He is a lucky little boy.  His twin sister was taking such good care of him.  She rubbed his head, hugged him, helped him get his pajamas and house shoes, and was just so sweet to him!  I had to stop and take a picture of them.  Just make you want to tear up because you know that all the time you tell them to take care of each other and love one another is really sinking into their thick little heads!!!!

So, I am leaving you with these two pictures.  One of the Zentangle ATC I made and one of the twins.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Zentangles and More!

I am having an lot of fun meeting new people and making new things doing y swaps over at Swap Bot.  I am working on some things that I do not normally do.  I love Zentangles and Zentangle-inspired art.  So, there was a swap for Zentangle ATC letter A.  I guess they always say to start small.  I wonder if the size of an ATC is what they are talking about?????  Anyway, just thought I would share the one I have completed.  I am still learning a few things, so it doesn't look all professional and stuff!!  This little card will be making its way to Washington state tomorrow.

I have also enjoyed some of the wonderful packages of fun things that I have received from all over the world.  I received a package of little goodies and snacks from Singapore, teas from many different places in Europe.  I even found a few that I wish I could get here!!!  I have received some neat clippings for my collage pages and post cards.  I have also used a few to make new post cards!!  I will be posting more pictures after my morning nap after working all night.  So, until then, enjoy this picture of my first ATC and Zentangle-inspired art that I made for someone else.

~hugs, mel