Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cards, cards, cards!

I am still making cards.  I am almost out of adhesive, though!  Last night I put the paper parts of the cards together.  I had a little help from a certain little 6-year-old!  We had a good time!  I have decided to make several sets that really have no theme or certain pattern to them.  I wanted to step out of my box and do something new!  I started with a main piece.  I them went through my stash to see what I had in scraps.  Then I just let my imagination run wild.  I decided to put a strip on the inside where a person could write a greeting.  On the i side middle part there is an area to write your message and/or a little personal note.  On the other inside flap is a small pocket where you can tuck money or another note or something.  I am quite pleased with them.  The only problem is that I would like to give them a name but just don't know what to call them.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  So, here are the latest ones I made along with the inside of the cards.

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