Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Zentangle Inspired Art

I started this tangle when I got in from work this morning.  I got in around 7am and it is already 10am.  Had to get the kids in the right direction for school, too!!!  Anyway, I have been adding to my Pocket a lot of Zentangles© and Zentangle© inspired art.  I seem to find it very peaceful to do and it seems to help me unwind when I get off work.  My Pocket is an app I use to download and/or save web content to view offline on my phone and my tablet.  I love it and it is so easy to use!!  Here is the one I started this morning.  The camera on my tablet is not as good as my phone, but I am not complaining.  I love my tablet!  As you can see, I have not finished it yet.  I will post when I do finish and include (to the best of my ability) the names of the tangles that I used in this piece.  Also, this is the first big one that I am working on where I used shading.  I think it looks better in this picture than actually looking at the piece itself.  As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.

~hugs, mel


  1. That's a neat Zentangle. I've always wanted to do them, but I keep putting off purchasing a kit and learning. Maybe that's what I'll do for my birthday next month.

    Stephanie - blogging in 2013.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. If you search Zentangles on Pinterest, then you can find a lot of tutorials on how to do them. I bought some good pens and some paper. I just kind of taught myself how to do them. So much fun.