Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome TAo My Little Corner of the World on Friendship Friday

Happy Friendship Friday!!  I love how the community at Create With Joy comes together and shares what is going on in their world with everyone else.  It has been a few days since I have posted.  I have just about figured out that the Blogger app on my phone and tablet turns all of my pictures sideways.  And for the life of me I cannot figure out just how to fix that.  So, I am having to upload all of the pictures from my phone and tablet to my computer.  Thank goodness there is a very easy app to use to do that with!!!!  So, first of all, happy Friendship Friday to everyone.  Hope your week was good.  Hope your spring is a wonderful one so far.  I have had a good one, especially with the weather we have been having here in Arkansas!!!!  I am going to share with you some pictures from around my house.  So ,welcome to my home everyone!!

This first picture is of a page that I completed in my art journal.  I bought some new die-cuts that go with the K & Company lines of paper.  I also found the "Nirvana is not a myth" saying from a magazine.  So, I just decided to put them all together, add some paint and just a little bit of everything!!  I think it turned out great!  Very different than what I am used to but I think I am slowly climbing out of my box and seeing things a little different.

This one is of the bushes that I carried home in my car.  I shall always have a beautiful yard and if I do not, then it is only my fault.  Want to know why???  My mother-in-law owns a nursery!!!  Yes, I still have to pay for everything.  I don't have a problem with that.  But, if I should ever have an ugly yard, then I am the only one to blame!!!  So, off to the nursery I went this Saturday.  You should have seen the back seat, too.  I almost couldn't find the kids when I got home!!!

She had this beautiful blue pot sitting out there at the nursery.  I fell in love with it since it has a vintage feel to it!!  I love making my own containers of flowers to add a little color to the beds with.  I got three plants that kind of grow and spill over the side to plant in the holes on the side.  Then I got a few that you may not always see to add a little bit of visual interest by the front door.  This has to be one of my favorite pots that I planted this year!!

Here is the front of my house.  Notice the green shrub followed by the two purple looking ones.  Those are new this year.  From where the water hose reel is down to where the green bush is, all that was bare and nothing was growing and it looked boring.  So, I got a nice tall bush along with some of the same ones that are in front of the living room.  I really think it looks good, now!!

This is one of the new arrivals around my house!!  I knew this nest was here but never thought about there being baby birds in there.  This one was built above one of my outside lights outside the garage.  Not sure if the egg is just a shell or if it just hasn't hatched yet.  This was the hardest picture to get since it was very high up.  Had to stand on a chair to get the picture.  Then I had to put my camera above it and take the picture all while hoping that the picture turned out decent!!

Our other nest in the back yard had four birds in it.  I didn't know we had this one until my little girl came in the other day with excitement telling me there was a momma bird feeding her baby birds.  So I took my camera out there (my phone was dead) to take the pictures.  All you could see at the time was four little baby bird heads with their beaks open sticking out of the nest.  It was so cute.  The next couple of days passed and one by one, the babies slowly started to leave the nest.  I was able to pet three of them and they seemed to enjoy having their heads rubbed!!

I took this when I got home today.  The momma bird in the front yard nest came by to feed the baby in there.  She kept making her rounds with food every so often throughout the afternoon.  Some of the times you could see the little baby put its beak up and grab whatever food the momma bird had for it.  So very cute, if I should say so myself!!!

So, there you have it.  A little tour of what has been going on around my house the past couple of weeks.  Now, it is off to work for Saturday and Sunday.  Oh, well, I guess I have to make the money somewhere!!!  Hope you all are having a great spring and thank you for stopping by!!  Please feel free to leave me a message and let me know you stopped by my little corner of the world!!!  Maybe next time we meet I will have some pictures of the hydrangeas.  One of them are actually going to bloom this year!!!

~hugs, mel

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