Sunday, April 8, 2012

Inspire Me mondays

WOW!!!!!  I was one of the featured readers over at Create With Joy.  My mail art made the "front page" along with some other very inspiring ladies!!  This week I guess you could say my paints and my colored pencils are inspiring me.  First of all, I do take my colored pencils most everywhere.  My purse is big enough that i can slip one of my art journals in there for a quick picture wherever I go.  So, when the creativity bug hits, I can satisfy it right away!  This weekend I sat down and did a few pages in my journal.  I have never been one to share my feelings on paper, so i just write whatever comes to mind at the time I am working on a particular page.  My pages are totally random and may not make sense, but I guess that tells you something about my life.  The first two pages with the faces on them are really just practice.  You have to start somewhere in order to get better!!!!  The "LOVE" page was inspired by the big "love" from one of the pieces of paper that i used.  So, I went with that particular theme.  The last page was my first page I did where I totally painted all the person without drawing it out first.  I love red, so when i noticed that i was using a lot of reds, I went with it from there.  And yes, I love red, jeans and T's, my music too loud, and puppies!  Thank you for stopping by and leave a message letting me know you were here!!! Also, I do apologize for the pictures being sideways. My blogger app on my tablet turns them all sideways!!!

~hugs, mel

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