Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inspire Me Monday and Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Another great Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.  I am really loving the mail art thing right now.  Making an envelope is really refreshing!  It just seems to take you from the real world to the place where you would rather be.  I really like to get into my work and will work on a piece until I finish it.  I have been using my colored pencils a lot lately.  I really seem to love how the colors from the pencils just flow across the paper.  I also like to add some little something that makes it my own.  My main inspiration for most of my envelopes came from this first picture.

 This is a picture I had thought about while I was at work one night.  I will draw things to keep from falling asleep.  I work nights and it is really hard to fight off Mr. Sandman at times, to I started putting some of my thoughts onto paper.  I have really been working on faces lately.  So, I got to thinking about doing one to look like it was peeking out from the bushes.  I was only going to do a small amount of leaves around the face and then draw something else in the empty space.  But, I got to drawing the leaves and just couldn't stop myself!!!  So, this is the inspiration for the next few pieces of mail art that I did.

Since it was brought to my attention after I posted addresses of the people who will be receiving these great pieces, I blocked them out and just put the destination of the card.  I do apologize for posting addresses.  I lost my mind.  I guess I will have to go hunt it down!!!!

These three are inspired from some of my first drawing attempts.  I really love this type of drawing.  It is totally spontaneous and random and I LOVE that!!  It is kind of an "anything goes" type of drawing and no two will be alike!!  The bottom one is the first one that I made.  The top one is the second one and then I finally made it to the third one.  I really love these!!!

 These two are ones I decided to use some of my scrap papers to make.  I don't remember off the top of my head who made these papers.  I want to say 7 Gypsies, but not totally sure.  They are really cool papers that already look like a collage.  Then I pasted the large number, the stamps, and the typewriter and globe pieces.  The number along with the typewriter and globe are made by Pink Paislee.  After I got everything glued on, I decided it needed a little bit more.  So, I decided to draw on them.  After I finished, I stepped back and knew that is what they needed to be complete.  So, that is what I have for Inspire Me Monday (now Tuesday).  I started this post and worked on it several times between wrangling kids, cooking dinner, giving baths, etc.  So, here it is Tuesday afternoon and I am just now finishing up the post!!!!!  Thank you for coming by my little corner of the world.  Please leave me a note to let me know that you stopped by!!!

~hugs, mel

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  1. Hey found you through Inspire Me Monday. Cute idea!