Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SOme Bad Storms and a New Page!!!

It was bound to happen sooner or later!!  We have this lovely tree in our backyard.  Over the last 4 years of living here, it has slowly shed its branches during storms.  I am just surprised it is still standing!!!  We lost a couple good sized branches last Thursday in the last round of storms!  Well, last night while we were all sitting here waiting on the storms to arrive, we heard what I thought was hail.  So, my husband goes out back to see what is going on.  He runs back in talking about the tree branches are in the yard.  Then, almost immediately, there is another noise just the same.  I go back to the kids' rooms and pull them out to the hall.  About that time, another really large part of the tree fell on the house.  I saw the ceiling fan in one room shake as I ran into the hall.  The main parts of the trunk are still there, but we have what appears to be a jungle of large tree parts in our backyard.  I don't think the house was damages, but there is a large part resting on the roof and the edge of the roof line.  So, we are just waiting to get someone out to take a look at it and get the tree cut down.  That tree scares me so much!!!

I was sitting here this morning working on a page that I had the perfect pictures to go with the perfect kit!  I was so happy I had finished it.  So I saved it and then when I went to re size it to place in a gallery, I noticed I had not added any shadowing to it at all!!  So, now, I am going to have to go back and do it over again.  Maybe I can make it better!!!  Oh well.  I used the Shabby Princess Plentiful kit.  I love the colors of it and how it goes really well with our pumpkin patch pictures!!!


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  1. I am very thankful that no one was hurt when the tree fell! that must have been scary!
    I like your are very creative! You have a wonderful looking family!