Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the Land of the Stupid Drivers

I worked the weekend up to Christmas Eve.  I was off Christmas day to spend with my family.  Then it hit.  Little white flakes of instant stupid dropping from the sky!  First is was stupid in the form of ice then came the snow-at least 10 inches of it!  And when I say instant stupid falling from the sky, just add an idiot in a four wheel drive vehicle and there you go!!!  I am on the medical field.  We have no incliment weather policy.  We are expected to be at work no matter what even if it means packing a bag for a few days to stay away from home.  It's just what we have to do.  This picture shows a sign coming into the Little Rock area on my way home from work today.  It says "CAUTION WATCH FOR ICE".  REALLY?!?!?!? You have to have a sign telling people to watch for ice???  Wow!!!  That's how it is here in the south.  Gotta love it!!!  Makes fir a horrible time at work and horrible commute.  Yes it may be pretty, but this storm has been very destructive and many are still without power.  Please pray for them and that the power will be restored sooner than the estimated 7 days.  There is at least one transformer and one substation that are needing to repaired or replaced.  And, check back later for other news and happening from the Land of the Stupid Drivers!!!

~hugs, mel

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  1. Haha! Your post made me LOL! I have to say I have the same gripes about the snow as you do and get this...I'm from CANADA!! The Great White North where people have nooooo excuse to be crappy drivers. We deal with snow and ice more often than not! My snow tires are on my car from like October to April for god's sake!

    Lovely blog- you're a talented artist! Looking forward to seeing more. Your twins are totally adorable btw. I'm following along now!!

    <3 Alanna

    aburtch from swap bot