Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Stuff

I guess after living here for the last 5 years, we are going to finally light out fireplace.  Of course they guys had to choose a day when it is way too cold to be running in and out of the doors and leaving them open.  I was happy in my little tropical-feeling house.  Then they had to go and open the doors and bring me back down to reality with how cold it actually is outside!!
I have a few new pictures of the twins.  They were part of a wedding on the 1st.  Ashley was the flower girl and Justin was the ring bearer.  They were so very beautiful!!  I was scared that I didn't get the dress of Ashley's fitted before the wedding.  We finally tried it on the night before and it couldn't have fit any better.  Whew!!  This momma is definitely last minute!!!  Anyway, here they are.  I was one proud momma this day!!  Also, congrats to Mr. Chris and Ms. Robbie.  It was a beautiful wedding!

I was also able to get the following pictures of them before the wedding.  they make such a cute little pair of twins.  Did I mention that they are just 7 years old???  They look so grown up here!!

Now, on to some things I have been working on.  As I mentioned in my last post, I found Swap-Bot.  It is a wonderful site for people all over the world to get together and swap or exchange things.  I have already received some really cute cards.  I am signed up for several swaps through the end of the year.  I am even hosting a paper sack book swap.  One that I recently sent off was for a friendship book.  I had never heard of this idea before now.  It is really a neat idea and you can "meet" many new people when you do!!  Here are the two books that I made.  It was a little odd because I made the book for one person, but I sent it to the other.  I managed to send them to the right person!!!

I used patterned paper on all of the pages, but I used some that would be easy to write on and could actually be seen.  I used a heavy cardstock paper for the front.  I used patterned Duck tape to "bind" the book.  I used it on all the pages inside, too in order to hold the pages in.  Then, on the front, I put each person's name and decorated it up a little.  Each one is about 4inches by 6 inches.
So, for now.  I will post a few other things when I get them or make them.  Like I mentioned, I have a paper sack book coming up and I will share pictures of that when I finish them.  I have two in the works but just not quite finished at this time.  Thank you for stopping by to visit.
~hugs, mel


  1. Hello there! It seems we bump into each other again! (you sent me cookie recipes, those lemon cookies were AMAZING)

    The kids are so adorable!

    Jesslynne (swapbot username)

  2. Your kids are cute, and I love the picture of her kissing him. I hope they're well behaved for you.

    The paper crafts part of Swap Bot is the one part I don't get that involved in. I know people spend a lot of time on ATCs and Friendship books and other things, but I just don't get the appeal. I like to receive that stuff, but no interest in making it myself.

    Stephanie - Follow me #9

  3. I am so glad that you found swap bot! It is a really neat place to get involved with pretty much any type of craft or swap that you can think of. Your twins are beautiful by the way :-) Absolutely gorgeous. I remember when my son was that young. he's 10 going on 20 lol. Anyway, have fun on swap bot and enjoy yourself. Wihsing you the best holiday ever.
    Rosie - Follow me #9

  4. Hey, your kids are so cute. They are wearing beautiful dresses on these pictures. Nice you mention swap-bot here and it´s good that you found it! :)
    Follow me #9, user: SusiLetter

  5. Your kids are so adorable. I cant believe your house felt like a tropical island, I would have probably passed out if I was in there for an hour. Im not a fan of the heat.

  6. Omg your children are SO cute!! They look absolutely adorable together :)

    Your Friendship Books look awesome! They're so fun to make and receive :)

    Merry Christmas, and I loved looking through your blog!

    -Sammalmquist Follow Me #9

  7. The kids are adorable! I think they must get along very well..Or did they behave only while taking the pictures??haha

    Swap-pot is an amazing place, you can learn about new people and cultures through it and of course the mail brings so much brightness in normal day! I hope you'll have great time there and will not come across with nasty people aka flakers!
    oh and those Friendship books you made are amazing!

    Jungpo follow me 9

  8. Your kids are super cute!

    IzzyStardust from Swap-bot Follow Me #9

  9. Your blog is beautiful, I will be following along as Mysacredspace. Denise from swap=bot

  10. Your kids looks so adorable and I like the friendship books that you made.

  11. Yours twins really looks lovely. So sweet to look at their photos. Nice friendship book. Mine is badly done few years ago and I don't dare to join in anymore. :P

    -- cfchai (Follow me #9)