Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Double Post Wednesday--Playing Catch-Up

I know I just posted my Wordless Wednesday, but I found one of my FB friends who is doing a creative at home Wednesday link-up party!!  You know me, I love to show off what I have been doing lately!!!  I post a lot about the cards that I make, but I do much more than just cards!!!  One thing I really love is my flowers in the front.  My mother-in-law owns a nursery and it is easy to get some beautiful flowers!!  I was there a few weeks ago and spotted this vintage blue strawberry pot.  It is a nice size and has three places on the side where you can plant other things!!  No, I did not plant strawberries in the holes, instead I planted some plants that seem to just flow over the side of the planter.

This is probably one of my most favorite planters that I have ever done!!  Wish I had a couple more like this to set around!!  Not sure what everything is in the planter (my mother-in-law picked most of them out).  I do have to say that this makes my house look very welcoming to people when they come over to visit!!!  Thank you Susan for hosting the blog party today!!!  Please stop by and visit her blog!!  She is an amazing woman!!

~hugs, mel

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  1. You're so right that having something like that out front to welcome people is instant cheer!