Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 Completed of P365+1

I made it through the first week of my challenge!  I have several pictures that I have to get off my phone so I can post them for all to see!  So far I have taken pictures of frogs, sunrises, my car, people, etc.  I am going totally spontaneous on this.  Some ideas have sparked my interest, but since I am not an owner of a great camera, I am going to try to keep it simple.  So, here are are some of the pictures I have taken of random things.  I am only missing two days so far.
1 January 2012
I know this is a little blurry, but I thought I would take a picture of one of my favorite radio stations.  I love to listen to Air 1 on my way to work.  I work 40 miles from where I live and can't pick it up very well where I live, but I can the closer to work that I get.  Very good station with great Christian music.  I guess listening to it is like my time with God every day!!

2 January 2012
I thought I had fixed this one, but this is a 4x6 piece that I made for my paper P365+1 book.  I love the idea of the different page protectors with the different size sleeves.  I wanted to make some of my own pieces to go in it!!  The stamp in one of those $1 stamps from WalMart in the scrapbook section.  I just colored it in after I stamped it!

3 January 2012
The view of the sun coming up as I was leaving work.  I loved how the orange and yellow colors blended right in with the night sky.  This was taken about 0645 in the morning.  I was so excited to see the morning sun.  I think this started my 4 day off week!!!

4 January 2012
IT'S HERE!!!  I ordered the core kit for Project Life from Becky Higgins for a start for my paper P365+1 book.  I fell in love with the colors of this one and the idea of how easy it is to put one of these albums together.  I am going to eventually order all 4 of the kits.  I also picked up the card stock set that goes with this and a couple of packages of the page protectors.  You can see all of the Project Life line at  You will love it!!  She even offers a digi version!!!!!!

5 January 2012
This is one of the twins' math tests they did on this day.  They are in kindergarten.  Both of them made 100% on it!!!  I was so proud of them!  My babies aren't babies anymore!  They are learning how to read very well.  It is hard to believe they are growing up so fast!!!

6 January 2012
This is a glass pendant I purchased at the local bead shop near my house.  How great is it to have a bead shop less than a mile in one direction and the scrapbook store within walking distance in the other direction????  Especially when those are two of my favorite hobbies!!!  Anyway, this is for a necklace I promised one of my Canadian scrappy friends.  I really love this one!!

9 January 2012
Here we are to today!!  I missed the last two days because of work.  Shame on me!!!  Anyway, this is where I do a lot of my creating of stuff at!!  Yes, this is my desk area.  It looks like a tornado hit it!!!  But, this is my little piece of paradise, I guess you could say!!  I am currently working on a cookbook for my church, so that is what the big green box is.  The "Cremo" box is an old cigar box that my great grandmother gave back to us after my great grandfather passed away back in the early 90's.  It had pictures of people I didn't know at the time, but have since found out that many of them were of my family.  Family I never knew.  Many of them are still a mystery, though!!

So, that is what I have so far.  I do have many more pictures I took on some of the days, but these are the ones with the best stories behind them.  I am going to stick to my commitment to complete this project.  Hopefully I can actually see what I have done over the course of a year!!  Should be fun.  Join me if you would like to do so!!  For now, I think I will go watch a little TV until I can fall asleep!!!

~hugs, mel

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