Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some Random Swap and Mail Stuff

I just love getting fun stuff in the mail.  I never realized how much fun receiving postcards are.  Well, anything in your mailbox that isn't a bill is fun!!  This past week I received some really great items in the mail for some of the swaps that I have participated in.

These three are ATC's I received from a swap.  The challenge my partner chose was to make at least 2 ATC's from a given collage sheet.  I think these turned out really well.  I love vintage anything and these are just right!!!  Thank you to Jackie (123Poggy123) at Swap-Bot for these great ATC's.

This postcard is from a swap that I hosted.  The swap was a photography postcard-send me some flowers swap.  I received this one from Inge (aladyde) at Swap-Bot.  The postcard look better in person, but it really did turn out very nice!  This one traveled all the way from Germany.  She even used some really nice stamps on the back.  I am going to definitely have to get some pages to keep these in, now!!

This is a necklace that I received today from BlossomPaper at Swap-Bot.  There was some mix up in the mail and I ended up having to resend for a handmade jewelry swap.  It was on its way to Italy.  There may have been a number of reasons that it didn't make it or took quite a while to get there.  But, to open the mail and find this really pretty necklace really made my day.  She also included a really nice note in the package.  Sometimes when you get frustrated because something didn't go right with a swap, and then you open up a nice package such as this out of the blue, it really makes you appreciate the community you swap with!  I was thinking that I didn't have anything to with this necklace, but I have found already it looks great with black.  Then I remembered that I have an outfit that this will go with perfectly!!
This is an ATC I made for a swap that I hosted.  It was for a Completely Inappropriate ATC swap.  I am not a drinker, and I try my best not to use curse words, but I found this saying and thought this would be perfect for a swap.  I love the vintage/retro pictures of women with the sarcastic sayings.

This is 1 of 3 postcards I made for a swap called Make A Postcard.  I had two of them drawn out already, so I just had to make one more.  I love the Zentangle inspired art and find it very relaxing and fun!  This one is going somewhere in the IS.  I already mailed it so I forgot where it is going!!

This is 2 of 3.  I had already drawn this one a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes I just let my mind go in whatever direction it wants to go.  I love these in the black and white the best, I think!

This is 3 of 3.  I started with this card and decided to color it.  While I do like them in color, I really like the sharp, clean lines of the black and white the best.  All three of these were sent out to ladies in the United States.

This was another card I made for one of the Postcrossing addresses I received.  I found Postcrossing before I found Swap-Bot.  The concept is somewhat the same, except with Postcrossing, you get a random address to send a postcard to.  You start with 5.  Once you reach  a certain number of cards received, then you start getting more at a time to send.  I have had several received all over the world.  I made this postcard from a picture that I took in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I guess I thought this statue was really as big as it looks.  NOPE!  It might be 5 to 6 foot tall.  I guess I just caught it in the right perspective to make it look big!

This is another card I made from a picture I took several years ago when we went to Fort Worth, Texas.  I love city skylines.  I caught this shot on a short train ride from the stock yards into town and back.  The day was a hot one, but the sun was out and it was beautiful.  This one was also sent to a Postcrossing member.
So, that is all I have for today.  I am going to try to start scanning in and sharing my little mailbox goodies as I get them.  It really makes getting the mail fun again!!!
~hugs, mel

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