Monday, December 19, 2011

We Got our Elves the Other Day!!

I finally gave in and bought the twins each an elf.  We had to get a boy and a girl elf.  I brought them home and hung them up on the fire place.  Then we picked the twins up from school.  They came in and were so very surprised to see that two elves had "just showed up" at our house!!  The twins were very excited to see them!!!  Justin even asked for Santa's autograph, email and phone number.

After they talked to them for a while, we went to the capitol to see the Christmas tree and the lights.  We ate downtown, too!  After they got home from all that, they found the elves in a different position.  They were so amazed!!  They couldn't believe that they had moved!

So, they went to bed for the night.  Sometime during the night, the elves got up and decided to have some oreos and kool aid.  Ashley found them first and she couldn't believe what she saw!!!

Justin said it was OK for the elves to eat some of the oreos.  He said they could have all they wanted.  We did our running around for the day and finally went to pick up Justin from Nana's house.  When we got home, those little elves had decided to move again!!

They ended up on the hearth of the fire place.  Ashley was so worried that they were going to eat the reindeer food in the bags they are sitting by there on the fire place.  So, we finally went to sleep for the night.  They decided to sleep in the living room and watch TV for a while.  Once they were asleep, the elves decided they were going to gather up the sock monkey and doll and color.  They also had a little snack of Cheez-its and some...............reindeer food!!!!  And Ashley was upset because they were "eating" the reindeer food!!!

"Justin" eating reindeer food.  Actually it is some glitter glue and oats!!

"Brittany" getting into the reindeer food.  Can't wait to see what they do tonight!!!

So far, Ashley and Justin are enjoying the Christmas season.  They are so excited to see what they are getting for Christmas!  But, even though they are excited about all the presents and stuff, I have not forgot to teach them why we have Christmas.  It seems to be working.  Justin told me the other night that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.  I am glad they know the real meaning of Christmas.

~hugs, mel

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